Today almost exclusively dedicated to tourism, the island of Sal owes its name to the industry that thrived here between the eighteenth and mid-twentieth centuries. Land of wonderful white sand beaches, warm and transparent waters and coral reefs, the island of Sal offers unique conditions for water sports, from surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing to diving, fishing and swimming.

Despite its volcanic origin, the island is flat, resembling the lunar surface, and has a warm tropical dry climate, which allows the tourist to enjoy the paradisiacal beaches or the famous salt flats for 365 days a year. The island of Sal is the main tourist point of the country, being responsible for more than 50% of the overnight stays of the whole archipelago. Visit to the bay of Murdeira, Rabo de Junco, bay of Joaquim Petinha, Buracona, Ponta Preta as well as the Cave of Love (Gruta do Amor), among others, is a must for anyone visiting the island. It has an international airport with connection to the main emitting markets.