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Cabo Verde is a safe destination.

Covid-19 info

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The Currency

1 € = 110.265 ECV

The national currency is the Cape Verde Escudo (CVE) and has exchange parity with the Euro.

ATM and POS with connection to the international VISA network.

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Entry and stay visa

A cost free visa can be acquired on arrival, in the passage by the services of foreigners and borders; it can also be obtained in advance at the embassies and consulates of Cape Verde.
However, to visit CV up to 30 days, the Visa is not required for the following countries.  [See List

All travellers must do a pre-registration on-line.


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Airport Security tax (TSA)

You will need to apply for the Airport Security Tax (TSA)  yourself on arrival and will also be asked to pay a fee directly to the authorities.   
The cost is 30,83 euros for passenger.