st antao

Ribeira Grande, Vale do Paúl and Topo do Coroa are the culmination of the incessant beauty of this island, composed of extensive basaltic areas, trails and boilers, making it an attractive place for adventure and sports, such as canyoning , walks, sport fishing and others who, once again, find a mind in body are, but the great aesthetics of the island does not end, the customs and customs of its people bring with them a spirit between profane and sacred. "Tarja de Monte Trigo "," Pico da Cruz "," Cova "and the lighthouse" Fontes de Melo ", certainly captivates the visitors' gaze and senses.

The island of Santo Antão, the second largest island in the entire Cape Verdean archipelago, is dominated by its huge mountains that popularize the figure of the public Topo de Coroa, a volcano that marks its landscape, 1,979 meters high. Like ravines and valleys, to the north, the desert and arid landscape to the south, provide scenarios of extreme beauty and striking contrasts.